How do Invisalign® aligners work?

They are multiple sets of clear aligners to move the teeth into the desired position. Each set is slightly different from the last, slowly coaxing the teeth to move.

How are Invisalign aligners different from braces?

The most significant difference is Invisalign’s removable design. Just take them out to make eating, brushing, and flossing as easy as it was before treatment!

At what age should children begin early treatment?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children begin at 7 years old.

What are the advantages of early treatment for my child?

Early intervention catches any developing issues before they have the chance to grow more serious and difficult to treat.

What is the advantage of wearing EXPERIENCE Metal and EXPERIENCE Ceramic braces?

They have no need for ties or elastic rubber bands, as the brackets are self ligating. They are also shown to have shorter treatment times in comparison to normal braces.

Do I need to change how I brush and floss while I have braces?

Absolutely. You should brush after every meal and floss twice a day. Braces can easily catch food in small crevices and contribute to the buildup of plaque and bacteria if left unattended.

How often will I have appointments for my braces?

The exact time varies from patient to patient. Typically, your orthodontist will schedule appointments every 4-8 weeks.

How do palatal expanders work?

The expander is made of two halves with a screw in the middle. Using a designated key, turn the screw each day to activate the expanders. The resulting tension will push the palatal bones apart. The appliance is left alone after the expansion is complete so that new bone can grow in and fill in the gap.

How long do I need to wear my retainer?

After your treatment has been completed, you will need to wear your retainer every day. Initially, your doctor will require you to wear it both day and night. After a designated period of time, you will be given the green light to wear them solely at night. This is typically after 6 months, but it can vary from patient to patient.

How do I care for my retainer?

Gently wash your retainer with a brush and toothpaste. Never use hot water, as it warps the material.

Should I continue to see my general dentist while I get orthodontic treatment?

Please continue to visit your general dentist. Orthodontic treatment is a different branch of dentistry that focuses on tooth alignment, proper bites, and the like. General dentistry focuses on the health and maintenance of your teeth and gums.